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Who We Are

Board & Staff

Jalin Gerdes: Executive Director  

Lori McArthur: Co-President  

Sara Paider: Co-President

Carrie Kracl: Vice President  

Debra Novak-Zeman: Treasurer/Secretary  

April Roggasch: Community Member  

Stephanie King: Community Member

Sheri Blaha: Community Member 

Jaci Ballou: Community Member 

Valerie Nigro: KPS Counselor    

Julia Bott: KPS Counselor       

Jaylynn Graham: Community Member  

Jessica Grasz: KPS Social Worker   

Angie Drahota: Ravenna Public Schools Counselor

Dan Speirs 1953-2023

Dan was a Big Friend, volunteer and led our agency as Board President for decades; his advocacy for the program and the community was admirable. The Friends Program will honor Dan’s legacy by keeping his kindness and generosity in the forefront of our daily work. He is dearly missed. 
The article below outlines Dan's impact that he made on one of his Little Friend's, Roan. Roan is now a counselor at Horizon Middle School and stated that "He was smart and so humble, and he was patient with me... all that I am I owe to him".