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Fun Websites




  • Science Experiments —
  • Other Science Experiments —
  • More Science Experiments —
  • Geo Gumdrops —
  • Water Bottle Patterns —
  • Remote Control Balloon —
  • Black Magic —
  • Create Bottle Rockets — (recommended by Aubrey)

Also visit for other experiment web-sites.

Mad Libs

  • Wacky Web Tales —
  • Mad Libs —
  • Create Your Own Adventure —
  • Crazy Libs —


  • Cooking with Kids —
  • That’s My Home —
  • Children’s Recipes —

The Friends Program of Kearney discourages the spending of money while Big and Little Friends are together and encourages the focus to be on spending quality time together doing activities. Many times, the Little Friends just need someone to take time to listen to them and help create a space where they feel seen and heard. We do provide support for our matches such as including free opportunities and events, watch our Facebook page for many fantastic events.