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Who We Are

Frequent Questions

Have questions about the program?  We’ve got answers!

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  • Little Friends

    Little Friends are elementary-aged children who reside in Kearney, Pleasanton or Ravenna. Recommendation for their participation in the program comes from school counselors, social workers and parents/guardians.

  • Big Friends

    Big Friends are college students, high school students and community adults who sign an agreement volunteering to spend a minimum of one hour each week with a Little Friend who is matched to them for one full academic year (or more if possible). Big Friends participating in the Kearney community-based program must have access to transportation to pick up the Little Friend and must provide proof of driver's license and proof of insurance on the vehicle. Big Friends are required to complete an application including references and a background check before being admitted into the program. Rural programs are offered as a school-based program where all match activities take place inside the school.

  • Getting Matched

    The Kearney community – based program requires the Friends Director to match the child with a Big Friend volunteer and arrange a meeting for the Big Friend, Little Friend, and parent/guardian. At the initial match meeting they will discuss the commitment of all involved, exchange information and schedule their time together. Their weekly activities should be regularly scheduled, but the time may vary according to the Big Friend’s and Little Friend’s schedule. Big Friends are required to turn in a monthly report to the Friends Director and School Counselor. Rural School-based programs require matches to be coordinated through school personnel and the Friends Director.