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Our program is a supervised volunteer program designed to provide a safe space to cultivate mentor relationships consisting of a Big and Little Friend. The Friends Program of Kearney is not considered a recreation, but education for living. The goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for a rewarding relationship of trust and friendship between the Big Friend and the Little Friend.

A mentor (Big Friend) can be defined as a role model, listening ear, advisor and supporter that enhances the life and outcome of their mentee (Little Friend). In our program, the Big Friend is an adult who is there to spend time with a younger person to support their development, through friendship, guidance, serve as a reminder or space for their Little Friend to be seen and heard. 

The Big and Little Friends will be supported and encouraged to spend time, one hour a week, doing anything related to recreation, education, or social and life skills. Mentoring can take place out in the community or at the student's school. Through these activities, the Big Friend will offer encouragement, acceptance, empathetic listening and even provide exposure to new ideas and activities that the Little Friend may never have access to otherwise.


Our program is invested in the success of your match. We can provide you with match activity suggestions and will do what we can to accommodate any ideas you may have to facilitate activities that will match both of your interests. 

We have partnerships with Kearney Area Children's Museum and Kearney Family YMCA which means Big Friends can visit these locations with your Little Friend at no cost! We also have a half-priced deal with Billy Jack’s Pizza Pub where you and your Little Friend can have a match activity at their location and enjoy half off your meal. Our office is equipped with board games, crafts and books for matches to enjoy for their weekly activity.