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“On the days I see my Big Friend, I am really happy all day because I know at the end of the school day I will get to see my Big Friend.”

- Little Friend

“I had tons of fun with my big friend, especially when we went to the parks and played on the jungle gyms and swings.  He also taught me how to play chess.  I had so much great great fun that I wish we would never have to stop seeing each other!”

- Little Friend

“The experience I gained while volunteering with the Friends Program, is something you can’t get in a classroom.  I have gained a lifelong friend!”

Britney - Big Friend

“Being a Big Friend has made me realize how fortunate I was growing up with my home life and all the things and opportunities I was given. Seeing that other kids don’t have the same opportunities makes me want to reach out to them even more. I have also learned that quality time is very important. Gifts or other material things cannot replace the time spent with a child.”

Kimberly - Big Friend