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The Friends Program Permission Form

Grade school children who are interested in participating in The Friends Program of Kearney must obtain permission from a parent/guardian to be matched with an Adult Friend. The FRIENDS Program Overview Friends is a supervised volunteer program designed to provide a close adult relationship for children identified as having special relationship needs by his/her elementary counselor and teachers. High school students or adult men and women (Big Friends) are matched with elementary-age children (Little Friends) and they become FRIENDS for at least one school year. The Big Friend and Little Friend designate one hour a week for a one-on-one commitment. Involvement with family members other than the assigned Child Friend is discouraged. Parent/guardian must give permission for acceptance of their child into the program and be present at the time the match is made. No match will be considered complete, nor any activity take place, until parent/guardian, Big Friend and Little Friend meet and agree on the rules of the program. The Friends Program is not considered a recreation, but education for living. The goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for a rewarding relationship of trust and friendship between the Big Friend and the Child Friend. Because of the popularity of FRIENDS, first priority will be given to children having the greatest need. School counselors support this program by referring children in need of a FRIEND and by providing advice to Big Friends. Counselors also receive monthly status reports from Big Friends regarding their relationship with their Child Friend. If you have any questions, call Tammy Lawter, Friends Program Coordinator, at (308) 236-2036 or email
Name of Child Joining FRIENDS program(Required)
Parent or Guardian name(Required)
Family Income(Required)
Child's Date of Birth(Required)
Child's Gender(Required)
Date of Completing Application(Required)
I hereby grant permission to allow my child to join the FRIENDS program. The Adult Friend also has my permission to work with the school counselor and visit with the teacher regarding my child.