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Our Mission is to promote personal development of youth through positive one-on-one role modeling.


Friends is a supervised volunteer program designed to provide a close adult relationship for children identified as having special relationship needs by his/her elementary counselor and teachers.

Adults or high school students (Big Friends) are matched with elementary-age children (Little Friends) and they become FRIENDS for at least one school year.  The Big Friend and Little Friend designate at least one hour a week for a one-on-one commitment.

Parent/guardian must give permission for acceptance of their child into the program and be present at the time the match is made.  No match will be considered complete, nor any activity take place, until parent/guardian, Big Friend and Little Friend meet and agree on the rules of the program.

The Friends Program of Kearney is not considered a recreation, but education for living.  The goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for a rewarding relationship of trust and friendship between the Big Friend and the Little Friend.